Ethereum Beacon Chain Issues Settle: Finality is Restored


  • Ethereum Protocol Developer Preston Van Loon tweeted the positive outcome of the developers’ investigation on the Ethereum mainnet issues.
  • Users’ transactions had been blocked, and transactions were not finalized for 25 minutes yesterday.
  • The developer declared that though the root cause hasn’t been identified, the finality has been restored.

Ethereum Protocol Developer Preston Van Loon declared that the Ethereum mainnet issues that have been troubling the community over the past few hours are resolved. The core developer announced that though the blockchain users were not able to complete their transactions for more than 25 minutes yesterday, the “finality has been restored.”

On May 11, several core developers of Ethereum’s Beacon Chain spotted an unidentified issue that caused incomplete transactions. Though they were able to propose new blocks, the finalization was interrupted.

As per the reports, the mainnet started finalizing the blocks roughly after 25 minutes; though the issue has been cleared, the cause of the malfunction still remains a mystery. Many of the developers came forward to inform the community about the positive outcome, adding that the investigation would continue.

Elaborating on the matter, the developer pointed out that the root cause is yet to be identified. He said, “We do not know the root cause yet, but something happened to cause several client implementations to work really hard to keep up with the chain.”

A similar issue was recently noticed on March 15, when the Goerli testnet version of Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade was delayed due to the low validator participation rates.

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